B R A N D  S T O R Y


Image by The New York Public Library

Hi, I'm Laura Cooke - the founder of Botanic Isles, wildflower wonderer and specimen collector.

Why Botanic Isles was started
I started Botanic Isles in 2017 to give my customers access to botanical jewellery using precious metals and gems - something I found was missing from the jewellery market.
Nature, to me, is freeing, joyful and peaceful and I wanted to pass this inner happiness and stress reliever onto my customers. I wanted to create beautiful nature inspired jewellery and scents which were an investment for the customer and was of an excellent quality without compromising on the environment.

How I got started
I left my waitressing job in 2016 at the age of 22 and launched into my passion - jewellery design. I noticed that most resin jewellery out there was of poor quality and I knew I had to change things.
Over the next two years I honed my craft to perfection and began to sell at markets.
From here the National Trust for Scotland saw my jewellery and invited me on board. From there our retail journey began and we began to supply to over 200 shops around the world.

From then to now
Since our initial launch out of our tiny one bedroom flat in Glasgow, we now travel all over the country meeting our customers.  Loved by hundreds of thousands of customers world wide,  I am so proud of my business and I want to thank you for sharing it with me and for allowing our passion and dedication to environmentalism to bloom.

With love, always
Laura x

Image by The New York Public Library