Resin jewellery must be cared for properly in order to ensure the preserved botanical inside last indefinitely. With proper care, the botanicals inside our jewellery will never, wilt, decay, or discolour, and will last for generations to come.

•To care for your new jewellery, each piece must be kept dry and must never be worn in the shower, bath or swimming pool/ sauna as this can compromise the clarity of the resin.

• Always store your jewellery in the tarnish proof presentation box provided and avoid leaving your jewellery at a windowsill in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

• If required upon extended wear, please clean with a microfibre cloth.

• Keep out of reach of children.

• Rings must only be adjusted once and slipped on and off the finger. As with any metal, frequent adjusting can weaken the sterling silver and cause breakages.

• We will not refund any items or offer replacements for what is considered irresponsible care or intentional damage i.e. too frequent adjusting