• Laura Cooke

6th October 2018 – Into the secret forest

My lovely new helping pair of hands around the studio – Marina. Marina used to work in a electrical components factory where she used resin to seal in the components. It was important for me to take someone on with resin experience as the ins and outs and complexities of resin can take years to learn. Here is her first botanical hoard collected from woodlands and fields around my home studio.

One of the cows from the farm crossing field.

Into the “secret forest” – toadstools have began sprouting up through the leaf litter and I have collected quite a few to make into larger pendants with moss swirled around them. These should be up on my shop in the next few weeks.

It is wood pigeon hatching time and the woods are littered with the shells fallen from trees. Often birds take the shells, once hatched and carry them away from the location of their nests to throw the scent off for predators. The whiteness of these shells really symbolises to me the purity of bringing new life into the world.

Hundreds of species of fungi can be found in Scottish woodlands this time of year.

mushrooms, toadstools, pigeon egg shells, rowan berries, moss and lichen

One of my newest pieces and definitely the botanical I am asked the most about – Scottish thistle. This pendant is available in my shop now.

Wallace Monument moss and lichen cufflinks – available in my shop now.

Isle of Arran forget me not meadow cufflinks – also available now in the shop.