7.11.18 New for November

Hi folks,

Hope your November is going well. I’ve been working around the clock to get my online shops up to standard for Christmas which is not an easy feat when you make every item, photograph every item and package every item! Nonetheless the business is my pride and joy and if you aren’t completely obsessed with your business – it will never work. Throughout the day when I am working (and night) something Gordon Ramsey once said in one of his shows sticks in my mind – don’t work harder, work smarter. Thus, I have been updating all the SEO on my online shops.

I did manage to take last Saturday off to go to Glasgow (to see my family) and Monday evening which was just amazing as we went to the fireworks display in Dundee. I really love being back in Glasgow, where I grew up, and the tough and tumble of every day life. Something I really miss about living in the sticks is the sense of humour from people – Glaswegians have the best sense of humour. Every Sunday or so I also work with Bethany Harris, a local model who is amazing to work with and really showcases the jewellery.

I am working on so many new items and bringing more coloured resin elements into it. Not many people know but fine art painting is my specialty and I love working with unusual colours – I rarely get to paint now but I am hoping to set aside a few days in January to get up to scratch again. Mostly I’ve been working on Staffin Beach sand, Coral Beach sand (both from the Isle of Skye) and chunky botanical bracelets which will be up online on Sunday evening.

Hope you are all having a lovely November

Laura x

Pitlochry dandelion seed rose gold necklace

Edinburgh dandelion seed and moonstone sterling silver drop earrings

Oban moss and emerald sterling silver necklace

Pitlochry dandelion seed rose gold threader earrings

Tiny Fife fern sterling silver stud earrings

Stunning St Andrews buttercup earrings


Red eternal rose handpicked and home grown in Paisley

Stonehaven seaglass sterling silver drop earrings