A cold January’s designs and a day spent indoors by the fire.

Today is a day away from the studio and a day spent with my gran. I have always loved coming to her home as it is full of handmade art (stained glass, paintings, sculpture, ceramics) and beautiful trinkets and natural objects such as naturally shed deer antlers, huge shells and crystals. I am as filled with wonder now at 25 as I was at 5.

I make new jewellery items every single day and today was no exception! I am excited to show what I have been working on recently. I don’t usually make bracelets but I have taken a fancy to making lots of charm bracelets – I will add more soon.

Tentsmuir forest moss (Fife, Scotland) and pinecone sterling silver charm bracelet.

Believe it or not the little toadstool is ceramic and the brown ferns which have wilted and passed on in the Winter were collected from my gran’s garden.

Unisex bronze and dandelion seed cufflinks. I don’t usually make cufflinks either but it is the start of a new year and I do love to make them. I have lots of silver and bronze cufflink blanks. I will be making lots more cufflinks. I’m quite excited!

A close up of the dandelion seeds within, I love how it almost looks like they could be swimming. We collect dandelion seeds (and hundreds of botanicals) from all over Scotland – if you would like a pair made using seeds/ botanicals from a certain location contact us! 🙂 

Another new creation from today is our glass orb and pinecone charm necklace. I have made one of these for myself which I wore this evening as I took my gran out for dinner and I kept glancing down at the little seeds within. I have to say, I felt somewhat liberated and rather pretty to wear real dandelion seeds in this way. Andddddd off to the private collection it goes! I do have some available on the shop though you may have to be quick!

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