• Laura Cooke

Culloden Battlefield

Good morning folks, hope everyone’s day is off to a lovely, warm start.

I’m so glad to see that the snow has eventually thawed in Glasgow (no more walking like a penguin incase I fall over!). How are things in Ayrshire and the Borders? I hope the snow fall wasn’t too much last night and that you can all relax with a cup of tea 🙂

On our trip up to Culloden Battlefield in Inverness the snow got so bad that our wee Polo wouldn’t have made it to Loch Ness and we lost control of the car several times on the way back to Glasgow. However, we did get some photos to share with you.

How a typical home would have looked at the time of the battle. I have always loved thatched roofts and this photo doesn’t do it justice.

We are delighted to be hand picking a range from the Culloden site (although we will not pick from anywhere near the grave sites out of respect) when the wildflowers and heather are in bloom in the Spring. I’m so looking forward to starting this range for the National Trust for Scotland and I am sure the outcome will be fantastic. 

I’m sure we will be able to photograph all the beautiful flora we pick nearer the time.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day,

– Laura