Down to the bottom of the garden where the rabbits play

Today has been a hectic day – a day of firsts and starting anew. This morning Paul and I tried our first ever Boxing class at The Edge gym in Broomhill. It was high octane and I quite enjoyed the release of energy! The studio also got a much deserved (and needed!) clear out as we are still setting up for what the new year brings us in our small business. While it was still dry and mild, I managed to get some time outside and photograph our new mannequin for displays at craft fairs and events next year. It has the most gorgeous, sheer white material covering I may even start to build one of a kind pieces on it.

Deer antler, reindeer moss and photographing our packaging (excuse the raindrops!)

I could really get used to working outside more and the natural light brings out the emerald colours in the moss and flowers – I half expected a little butterfly to drift along and land in the make-shift display or even a little dormouse snuffling up the moss.

The locket above is one of my all time favourites – a little dog rose preserved within a silver locket. Making lockets is one of the biggest joys in my job and each one is slightly different – making each one unique in all the world.

I’ve also been trying to use up 2017’s batches of dandelion seeds from Ayrshire, Crieff, and Inverness of which there are literally thousands of tiny little wishes to preserve into jewellery. Here are today’s creations!

A single wish encapsulated with a glass orb and suspended from a 24 inch sterling silver chain. I love how the little seed floats and travels around the orb of its own accord. There truly is such magic in these seeds!

Truly enchanting – tiny 11mm dandelion seed sterling silver drop earrings. I can see these being such a beautiful pair of bridal earrings. Perfect for lovers of dainty and whimsical jewellery.

Our first choker here at Botanic Isles – and what a beauty it is! I loved the idea of having a dandelion seed and opalescent shaker choker that will glitter and reflect on your skin as you wear it. 

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