Frozen rockpools at Culzean Castle

Culzean Castle has always been one of my favourite places when I need to clear my head and take in some fresh air. Its enchanting walled gardens, rockpool filled beach, caves, castle and little duck pond make for such a perfect day although it was mostly spent with a hot cup of tea in hand as it has been -3 degrees that morning. Even the rockpools on the shore were frozen solid!

I wore a pair of my own tiny forest moss and gold stud earrings. Whenever I wear my own jewellery from my small personal collection that I have squirreled away, I feel as though I am wearing a small secret. Green is such a refreshing yet complicated colour and the natural feeling of the moss preserved within keeps you feeling on a high all day.

Culzean Castle’s shoreline, overlooking the snow capped hills of the Isle of Arran

The little cottage by the shore. 

Ice crystals on some fallen leaves outside the cottage.

Bright yellow, green and turquoise lichen – we took a few small samples back home in our collecting containers and as soon as I got home I pressed them immediately. I am so excited to see the outcome! I think I will make the fragments of lichen into bronze cufflinks. 

Hideaways of creeping wall flower, elm and lichen.

I’m excited to open our press in a few weeks time to see how the lichen and ivy has dried. The ivy we collected was so tiny, they will make the perfect necklace and earring set. This time of year, botanicals are slim pickings and we have began using up our hand gathered supplies from last year into lockets. On another note, on my work desk whilst I was pressing the botanicals gathered for the day, a not unsizeable Harvestman ran across the press and in less than a sharp intake of breath and an empty cup it was placed just outside the window. I think I may be getting over my severe arachnophobia!

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