Isle of Skye

Scottish myth and legend states that where there are toadstools, there are faerie folk. These fly agaric were found just at the beginning of the Fairy Glen…right before I walked into a horizontal tree stump and caused myself a huge bruise on my thigh! I took this as a sign that the faeries didn’t want me there but Paul urged me to continue.

Despite looking ancient, the fairy glen’s stone sculptures are made by tourists who add to it and place offerings in the middle. The locals remove these from time to time.

The circles ranged in size as if walking into the middle and following the spiral would open a portal or offer some kind of look into an ancient practice. The place, to use a Glaswegian term, was “hoachin” with tourists and any magic the place held has been long gone. I’m very much into alternative realities but I was a little gutted that I didn’t feel the magic and wonder I thought I would.

More stone scultures made by tourists. It is common for each person to place a stone on top of each mount.

Abandoned croft.

Staffin beach – the black sand immediately intregued me and I walked away with a small handful.

A small collection of coral shards from Coral Beach.

Fuchsia’s thrive on the Isle of Skye as thet are hardier and more addaptable to extreme colds.

The view from our air bnb hosts home in Waternish.

I love to take my work with me when I go travelling and making new pieces in a different enviroment helps to keep ideas fresh.

A batch of Isle of Arran forget me nots ready to go to new homes. These are avaliable online.

Sweet wild strawberry pendants made whilst I was on Skye – these also went to new homes while we were away.

A sneak peak of one of our new pieces for our Autumn/ Winter range coming very soon!

Our new online packaging.

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