The seed of an idea…

Hi folks, as this is my first ever blog post I thought I would introduce a bit about myself and what I do. Ever since I was a youngster I have been fascinated with nature, in particular the little things that go unnoticed: how thorns on a wild rose bush could be removed from the plant without damaging it, how grass makes a lovely perfume when mixed with rainwater and crushed with a stone -the same with wild roses-  and even how fat the caterpillars got in the Summer as they toddled through the long grass at the sides of the garden by the fence. I longed to re-capture happy days spent in Scottish woodlands, beaches and even my own garden. Soon I was handing in my notice at my old restaurant job in Glasgow with my savings and decided to make a go of working for myself as a jewellery designer. I decided that I knew it would be hard, but I had to start young and as a 23 year old student that’s what I did.

Soon I fell in love with having a stall at my local craft market selling my hand picked Scottish botanical jewellery and supplying to local shops. I was and continue to be incredibly grateful for everyone who shows an interest in what I do and soon my partner, Paul was helping too – taking on all the filing work to ensure each piece was as perfect as the next.

Each piece can take anywhere between 6 weeks – 4 days to create and it is truly a labour of love for us both. As I am working I am constantly inspired by beautiful places, little nooks and crannies in forests where the best moss clings to fallen logs and beaches where seals play on shells that I will soon pick up to examine. Whenever I can, I love to venture to Queensferry Harbour where the best seaglass can be found as well as antique bottles, sea marbles and other oddities. The West Coast of Scotland is by far the most beautiful and the beaches are steeped in history from old bottle factories to the infamous Sawney Bean’s cave. We often collect camomile for teas as well as the little known Ayrshire quartz which I have grown up calling “Mermaid’s Teeth”.

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