Energy Centre 💗 Heart Chakra
Crystal ✨ Rose Quartz
Manifestation 🔮 Attract Love + Emotional Healing + Follow Your Heart
Remedy For 😌 Heartbreak + Hormonal Moods

Inspired by a folklore remedy of rose + cinnamon to attract love, Heartsong is a sweet rose fragrance with a touch of spice.

Top Notes : Orange Blossom + Light Citrus
Middle Notes : Moroccan Rose + Cinnamon
Base Notes : Sandalwood + Ylang Ylang

Pretty in pink, this beautiful candle uses a magical blend of pure plant waxes to bless your home with 50+ hours of fragrant air. Each candle contains 21g of essential oils!

Lovingly handmade in Devon using pure essential oils + nourishing botanicals to elevate your bliss. Alchemised with crystals + angelic light codes to raise your vibration. 100% supernatural. Vegan friendly.


Product Weight

210 g

Heartsong Fragrant Chakra Candle 210g • 1 wick • 50 hours burn time

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