Material: sterling silver
Collected from: Lochgilphead, Argyll and Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland 
Packaging: luxury branded packaging with botanical information card and luxury gift bag



Collected with permission from a beautiful cottage garden overlooking Lochgilphead, this duo pressed hydrangea flower ring is one of a kind. Once carefully collected, head by beautiful head, I then dismantled each little petal, pressed it and once back home I dip - dyed each petal a delicate turquoise colour and left it for a week to let the colour absorb, settle and dry.


Once dry I then preserved a little disc of the hydrangea petal into the sterling silver bezel cups on the ring and added a lustrous dome of eco friendly resin so each minute detail inside is magnified for you to enjoy and treasure as a little piece of Scotland.


Wild Violet:

A true woodland fancy, wild violets (Viola sororia) stir to life in early April here in Scotland and in a short time fill the same ancient woodland where our native wild cats step. At the start of April I gathered my collecting boxes and set off into the woods at the bottom of my garden to see what I could find to preserve into botanical marvels. I picked just a few and left the rest to grow wild in abundance and set about pressing the delicate little wildflowers. Shortly after I then preserved little discs of the petals and set them into this sterling silver ring in a size 7 to be worn and treasured by any wondering heart.

Hydrangea and wild violet petal sterling silver resin stacking ring duo