Open locket size: 30mm approx x 18mm, sterling silver
Material: sterling silver chain (16, 18 or 24 inches)
Hand picked from: Isle of Arran, Highlands and Angus, Scotland.


Like a posie you could imagine fairies making in little inlets of water beside slow moving streams, this sterling silver open locket contains hand picked forget me nots, heather buds and wildflowers swirled in a wreath style. I took great joy in creating this ethereal pendant, as a beautiful token of Scottish Summers spent in the woods gathering flowers, arranging the flowers so carefully and using the most minute of all wildflowers. 


With enchanting sapphire, amethyst and ivory tones and once cast in my eco friendly resin, I then suspend the pendant from a decadent sterling silver chain in a length of your choice (16, 18 or 24 inches). 


This necklace comes in our luxury packaging with information card about the botanicals. This real forget me not open locket makes the perfect gift for someone who loves the botanical splendour of Scotland and is the perfect keepsake from this unforgettable place to hold close to your heart.


Scottish botanical open locket necklace

Chain length (Inches)
  • FAQ for this item:
    1. Does the item open like a locket?
    No, the name open locket refers to the style.

    2. Can I order a custom item in this item?
    Absolutely, please feel free to send me wedding flowers, flowers from your garden or anything else you would like for me to preserve for you. 

    3. Can I order 14k gold, 14k rose gold or white gold in this item?
    Absolutely, please get in touch and I will be in touch with current prices for gold.