Moisturise your lips with our Wild Raspberry lip balm, handblened with premium ingredients; organic Scottish beeswax, organic butters and oils to our unique recipe. Let the breeze whisk you away to the gorgeous Scottish countryside, handpicking wild raspberries. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth - this scent is smooth and sweet, hard to remember not to eat!

Each and every ingredient is well researched and has a special place in our recipe and our hearts. Our Organic Scottish Beeswax from a small, family run honey farm in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, harvest their wax using traditional techniques, ensuring the natural goodness is not lost during the extraction process. This premium beeswax soothes, moisturises and as a humectant, draws moisture from the environment into your lips.

Rich in Vitamin A and unsaturated fats, Apricot Kernel Oil moisturises lips, maintains suppleness and radiance and facilitates quick healing of chapped lips. Our cold-pressed, organic Castor Oil provides a beautiful, natural glow to the lips without clogging pores, whilst enhancing smoothness and softness.

We handblend both Shea and Cocoa Butter, getting the best of both butters in one balm. Our organic raw unrefined Shea Butter is Grade A; the best in the industry. It is extracted in the traditional way by a woman's co-operative that is committed to empowering local women. Shea Butter is rich in Vitamins A, E and F and Oleic Acid, moisturising and deactivating collagen fibre destruction. Our organic raw unrefined Cocoa Butter is made up of oleic acid, stearic acid and a natural plant compound called phytochemicals which can improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin aging by protecting against UV rays.

We handpour our lip balms and scrubs into aluminium tins and ship our products in recyclable packaging; no plastic is used in the process. Our biodegradable manilla recyclable padded envelopes are made from recycled manilla and can easily be recycled whilst still protecting the items inside.

5% of our profits are donated to Bumblebee Conservation Trust UK, an organisation dedicated to helping bumblebees thrive in the U.K.

Scottish Wild Raspberry Lip Balm - Natural Organic Lip Balm

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